Afghan for Civil Society - Creating a Democratic AlternativeAfghan for Civil Society - Creating a Democratic Alternative
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Afghans for Civil Society (ACS) seeks to bring about a democratic alternative for Afghanistan that opposes violence and extremism and encourages a nascent civil society.

ACS programs promote community empowerment and citizens to play a greater role in determining Afghanistan's destiny. ACS is committed to increasing public participation in the decision-making process through democracy building, policy development and independent media.

ACS projects are generally conceived to be implemented within specific, targeted areas in order to achieve immediate and long-lasting results. Whenever possible, ACS programs are generated and directed by members of the local community to help ensure their sustainability and to promote the sense that every Afghan has a direct stake in their own future and, ultimately, in the shape of their country.

The organization is actively involved in economic and institutional development and returning Afghanistan to a peaceful, productive and democratic society. By forging direct links with scholars, experts, Afghan citizens and schoolchildren around the world, we hope to promote cross-cultural understanding so a unified Afghanistan can take a positive place in the international community.

Since 2002, ACS has implemented programs in five major areas to achieve an integrated approach to strengthening civil society (small image to right):

  • Women's Issues:
    providing employment for over 500 women in Kandahar, promoting women’s leadership in local governance and creating a strong network of women in Kandahar to build capacity and organize empowering programs for women.
  • Public Policy:
    facilitating town councils, women human rights groups and studies
  • Reconstruction:
    rebuilding a village, schools and organizing numerous humanitarian aid shipments
  • Education:
    managing home-based schools for women and girls, literacy lessons, public health education and college prep tutoring
  • Independent Media:
    launched Kandahar’s first independent radio station staffed by Afghan journalists, currently expanding to television.
Working across ethnic lines, genders and tribal affiliations, we are dedicated to the notion that political performance should be measured in terms of substantive improvements in the lives of citizens.

Afghans for Civil Society’s approach to reconstruction focuses both on technical assistance and democracy building efforts. Consistently working with local communities, ACS seeks to address critical needs in Afghanistan and works to build progress toward peace and security through a range of projects and programs.








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